Ter inspiratie

In deze bijzondere tijd, komt er veel op ons af. Het raakt ons allemaal. We staan voor uitdagingen, ook bij mijzelf merkte ik de onrust en spanning die het gaf. Ze brachten me even terug in oude mechanismen, zoals meer controle zoeken en meer zin in snaaien. Hoe ga jij hiermee om? Misschien schiet je in veel denken en malen? Of voel je de spanning in je lichaam toenemen? Verval jij ook in oude gewoonten en kom je er moeilijk van los? We weten niet precies hoe lang dit nog duurt. De onrust door de maatregelen blijft, maar misschien meer dan ooit worden we uitgedaagd om de rust van binnen te vinden. 

Een van de grondleggers van Rebalancing, Nishant Matthews, levert middels deze brief een bijdrage aan het werk als Rebalancer en hoe je in het leven kunt staan in deze bijzondere tijd.

Presence in the Coronavirus

This is a personal message from Nishant.  Feel free to share it as you like and also feel free to experiment with it according to your own understanding.

Rebalancing can be really helpful in the times of Coronavirus and subsequent fear inducing events.  This rebalancing could be traditional style using touch, and also could be done via internet if people are afraid or unable to travel in the coming days.

Here are some suggestions you can start with, and hopefully we can create a sharing circle that expands this with more experience and perspectives as they happen to all of us.
Basically, your clients are likely to be in some states of fear and denial when they come to you.  Denial, of course, is the worst as it is a more or less deliberate un-truth.  Deep touch or loving touch, especially when combined with breathing, can take people out of denial and into the more real states of contact where real things can happen.

Your presence here means the world to your clients.  They will open if they know you as someone who is trustworthy and someone who can handle what they have to offer. 
What comes up is likely to be deep, painful, fearful, not the least because it has been the repressed experience of childhood that wants to get unfolded, but also because the Dutch collective is still carrying a lot of the unresolved trauma of WW 2 and times before that.  The winter of Honger still hangs in the background here.

If you have good grounding and an open heart, you can discern the personal fears as different than the collective ones.  I generally do this by asking, “Who am I meeting here?  A little kid, an adult, this life, another life?”  I keep the identity question open as the emotions come along.
In Presence training I teach people to recognize the identity that is “up” and tell him or her, “my heart is big enough for you today.  Come sit by my side, be with me, just not in front of me or between me and the world.”  Consciously gather old identities and put them in your heart field (far away if they are really too much) where the warmth of your heart will melt the old, frozen identity patterns holding fear and anger and grief.  This frees you up to be more realistically present with what is actually in front of you—something you will never know as long as there are so many emotional projections in front of you.

The more tight the body is, the more past it holds.  Tense muscles create identity patterns from the past.  Anything rebalancing can do to contact and release tensions helps people crawl out of childhood and inherited identity patterns which will inevitably project themselves into the present.  The more open and flowing a body is, the more likely the person can address the challenges of their lives from an adult point of view.

Second, to support the adult point of view, people need good earthing.  90% of all ego activity is in the upper body. That usually starts above the diaphragm and peaks in the brain.  The instinctual self is relegated down to the lower body and is usually seen as a dark, fearsome place to avoid.
Helping the flow of the body come down to the ground (easiest on the back side of the body), is the first step to releasing the energetic pressure that keeps the brain spinning all day and night long.  (Know that the brain only works with past information, and is a poor instrument for working with unusual situations in the present.  For that you need the intelligence of the heart and also the intelligence of the brain in the lower belly.)

When there is a flow of energy and release down the back side of the legs, invite people to send roots deep into the earth.  Like the ways trees do.  These roots connect us to the deep intelligence of the earth and all the gifts that this carries.  Many gifts of safety, healing, depth, and a special one I call earthlight.  The earth is a living being who emits particles of earthlight that trees and other plants harvest through their roots and carry up through their whole bodies.

(I know this is a stretch for the limited physiologic minds, but big picture we are all children of the earth.  She made us.  She knows us.  She still tracks us.  She wants us to prosper and grow…like all of her creatures.  We are the current expression of her dynamic unfolding evolution. She is more than happy to be support for our evolutionary steps.)

So, ask clients to put down roots and begin harvesting what the earth has to offer.  Let the earth offering nourish and feed the whole body and come up to the heart and support the heart. This is the grounded state that is ready for anything life throws at us. It is where we don’t have to turn to old, regressed identity patterns for dealing with stress, but instead can offer the full maturity of who we are now.

All of this is exponentially stronger if people then open their hands and heart, or mind, or voice, and share this light with others.  Become a conduit for earth energy to express itself through you.  The more you give away, the more comes.  This is what humans are actually designed to do, so it is not such a big step to take.

From this place people can then take a creative step forward into living the truth of who we are and becoming part of the solution to the changes we are all in.   Here life is more about sharing and giving than having and getting. We can join with the earth’s evolutionary movement as a big support.
It’s exciting.  Simple. Not that difficult. And immensely rewarding.

Good luck! 

Any questions or more, feel free to contact Nishant via .

Love and light